Holy x3

“And they were calling to one another. “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord Almighty; the whole earth is filled with his glory.” -Isaiah 6:3

While training as an actor, one of the first things I learned is whenever you have a word repeated in the text, it should never be said the same way twice. There is a reason the author felt the need to repeat the word, and so it must take on new or deeper meaning every time the character says it.

“The Lord is holy”: God is perfect. He has no spot or blemish. There is no fault that can be found in his character, words, or actions. He is pure.

“The Lord is holy”: God has set-himself apart from all other gods who profess to do what He can do. He is the only God who backs up words with love-based-action every time.

“The Lord is holy”: God is fully dedicated to his own purposes. He has consecrated himself to achieving his will and bringing his kingdom on this earth through us.

In Jewish literature, when something is of extreme importance, it is mentioned twice. Holiness is the only attribute of God mentioned three times in a row. The depths of God’s holiness are unknowable and unsearchable, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.

PRAYER: Holy Father, I thank you that you are perfect, sacred, set apart, and without blemish or fault. You are holy, holy, holy. I pray for a greater revelation of your holiness today, and I pray that you would empower me by setting me apart to reflect that holiness to the world.

Erin Jorgenson