Christian Education

“Give instructions to a wise man, and he will be still wiser; teach a righteous man, and he will increase in learning.” -Proverbs 9:9

Growing up in school, my grades were decidedly average. I hovered around the B and C range, getting my occasional A in gym class, and D in science. Then, all of a sudden, I received straight As during my sophomore year of high school. From that point on, something changed. I continued on with a 4.0 for the next 6 years until I graduated college.

What happened? Did I all of a sudden get better teachers? Did the lesson plans or homework that I received change and become more effective? No. I was going to the same school, same lessons, same teachers. The thing that had changed was me. My attitude towards learning had gone from complacency, arrogance, and laziness, to wise, humble, and dedicated.

When it comes to learning, especially learning the things of the God, the effectiveness of the lesson has more to do with the heart of the receiver than we think. We can listen to all the sermons, read all the books, go to all the bible studies we want, but if we do not engage with a wise and humble heart, our efforts may be in vain. 

When seeking to learn about God, our attitude matters.

PRAYER: Thank you, Father that you are constantly providing wisdom and instruction for my life. I pray that you would make me attentive to your word, and to the counsel of your Spirit. I pray that I would open myself up to hear your truth with a wise and humble heart, so that your wisdom, knowledge, and goodness may take root in me.

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Erin Jorgenson