Satan Is A Bully

“Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” -James 4:7

I’ve always been a pretty big guy. Growing up, I was usually the tallest in my class, and I matured physically at a much quicker rate than many of my friends. However, my size did not keep me from being bullied from time to time. I remember specifically in 7th grade, Ashton Bellman seemed committed to making my life terrible. Eventually, my mom got wind that I was having some trouble in the halls. 

“Just do your best to separate yourself from him,” she said, “Focus on school. Focus on your friends. And when you can’t, don’t let him see that it bothers you. If he doesn’t feel like he’s getting to you, he’ll probably leave you alone.”

Obviously, the advice above is more of a general memory, rather than a word for word account. However, my mom’s advice worked, and it continues to work today for a much more dangerous enemy.

When we feel as though we’re being attacked, whether through temptation, adverse circumstances, sickness, or any number of things, my mom’s advice still applies. When the enemy tries to get in, the best thing we can do is not only separate ourselves from him, but to focus instead on the things of God. By submitting ourselves to him, through study, service, and genuine faithfulness, we simply won’t have as much time to worry about the attacks of the enemy. And Satan, like any bully, isn’t much interested in messing with someone who is unaffected by his shenanigans. 

Flee the devil by running into God. Satan will grow tired of you. God never will.

PRAYER: Dear God, I thank you for providing me with a place to run to during attacks. I pray that when I find myself in a battle, you would give me the wisdom, courage, and faith to turn to you, and that as I turn to you, that the enemy would flee from me.

Erin Jorgenson