When The World Sucks

“Now God has not only raised the Lord, but will also raise us up through His power.”                   1 Corinthians 6:14

The world is a tough place right now. Millions of people are starving, while millions of others are chronically overweight. Our flowers receive more clean drinking water in a week than some third world villages do in a month. The President is verbally attacking the NFL. Everyone is verbally attacking the President. Healthcare is a mess. There seems to be a new natural disaster every day. And I can’t log onto Facebook without reading hundreds of comments, thousands of opinions, and millions of hateful words with every scroll.

To be honest, all this stuff was really getting me down yesterday, to the point where I was just feeling hopeless. Then I remembered this verse. I remembered that Christ did not rise up so that we would let the world bring us down. 

Certainly, this world has it’s problems, probably too many to count. And as serious as may of them are, they will eventually fade away. But, the truth and power of his resurrection, and the gift of eternal life, that will never become old news. And in a world with so much to despair about, the good news of Jesus must be our headline now more than ever.

PRAYER: Dear Lord, I thank you for your resurrection power that allows me to live with hope, even in the midst of troublesome times. I pray for the problems of the world, Lord. I pray for our leaders. I pray for my fellow brothers and sisters. I pray for unity in the body of Christ, and that through the power of your resurrection, that we might be able to bring lasting change and ultimate redemption.

Erin Jorgenson