In the ministry world, it’s always “that time of year”. Maybe it’s Christmas. Maybe Easter’s coming up. Maybe you’re leading your congregation in a fundraising campaign or special discipleship launch. It could be that your conference or summer camp is right around the corner. With all these events, you want to do something big. You’re a church or faith organization that wants to bless their members with a special creative element, but your staff is maxed out prepping for the big weekend. You want a video. You want spoken word poem. You have a great idea, but you need someone to write the script, do the voice over, or teach the messages. Not only that, but you want someone who brings energy and ideas to the table, while creating content that is excellent, Spirit-filled, and theologically sound. 

Several years ago, I left my job as a professional actor to answer God’s call on my life; to use my creative gifts to help churches and faith organizations communicate Biblical truth in a way that engages and encourages, but also enlightens. I believe the Bible is the greatest story ever told, and I want to help you communicate it in fresh and creative ways. Let’s get started.

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